perfect patio

Patio Before

Tristan and I live in a relatively small apartment, as many city apartments are. We are fortunate to have a patio, which nearly doubles the size of our usable space when the weather is nice. Am I the only one who has wanted an urban garden since Green Card came out in the 90s? Andie MacDowell had a rooftop deck as well as a greenhouse in the middle of her apartment:

Images from Hooked On Houses

Tell me that’s not the quaintest thing you ever did see.

I moved in to our apartment in April of last year and was in the throes of wedding planning. I ambitiously bought this gardening set and proceeded to do nothing with it. I’ve looked forward to adding some pep to our patio this year, now that I’m a bit more sane. Here’s the blank slate I moved in to:

Torie and Tristan Patio

Now, just because I’m a bit more sane this year does not mean I’m a bit more rich. Stay tuned for the next post, where I’ll show you what we’ve added — I’m pretty sure that including flowers and soil, it was under $80. Not too shabby!