Harvest Bucket List

I love fall and back-to-school season. While growing up, I would spend my summers obsessively planning out what new school clothes I wanted and then once I had them, what outfits I would wear. I got the deepest pleasure from hand-selecting each and every school supply, and organizing them in to my backpack, taking into account convenience and of course, cuteness (for instance, in 9th grade my best friend and I got matching lime green label-makers). And that sweet day when you finally got to use all your new stuff? Almost as serendipitous as Christmas. Back to school is a Type A personality’s dream. In my adulthood, I no longer go back to school, but I have an apartment to decorate and people to cook for. It just never ends! I love it.

Lately I’ve been seeing Harvest/Fall/Autumn Bucket Lists on Pinterest, and I feel inspired to create my own to get in the spirit of the season. It’s not the most “family friendly” list, as there are no pumpkin patches or stomping through crisp leaves, but bear with me.

Bucket List  on blog high res

What do you think of the list? Any blaring omissions? I will be working my way through these tasks until I lose interest and start obsessing over the holidays instead, and charting my progress on this blog along the way.


Furry Friends for Fall 2013

Tristan is not a friend of fur. I on the other hand, may just be the Leopard Queen of the Northwest. I have loved fur and leopard print since an early age. While I have not yet convinced my husband to let me install leopard-print carpet on the stairs, I have managed small wins such as furry pillows on the bed. Ironically, I inherited these from a colleague who was forced to get rid of them because his spouse hated them.

An easy way to incorporate fur and leopard into one’s life, especially when you live with someone whose tastes aren’t as fuzzy, is through fashion. Leopard really is the new neutral. I have seasonal scarves to demonstrate:

My best friend Lauren and I on NYE (scarf still available here):


Tristan and I this spring (scarf from H&M, not available online):


Naturally, I always have a few furry faves on my wishlist. Here are my current picks for fall 2013:

Ivanka Trump Galyn Pony –  on SALE! $134.99 from Zappos:


Kind of Valentino-esque with the studs, no?

Or Collection Viv calf hair flats from J. Crew Pre-Fall ($298):

Leopard JCrew2

Or these Maven Leopard Jacquard Ankle Pants from Ann Taylor, $98:

Leopard AnnTaylor

I dream of putting together this fall/winter outfit (image courtesy of C l a s s y in the city):


OR this snuggly little look (image courtesy of Elements of Style):

Leopard Furry Vest2

OR this one (image courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific):


Bonus points for the hot pink accents! It’s amazing how non-Jersey Shore this combo comes off.

Of course, I could go on and on. For more inspiration, my Outfit Du Jour Pinterest board is chalk full of ideas, or for the most awe-inspiring fur-filled blog post I have ever seen, click here.