Sex and the City

I’m Dreaming of a Red Christmas

It’s bizarre. Ever since I got married, it’s as if I proved to myself once and for all that I am a grown up, and now my interests and aesthetic are free to become childish once again.

For instance, on my honeymoon while laying on the beach, all I wanted was a Saved By the Bell marathon session; the season where they work at a resort during summer vacation… Oh, the bliss of high school! I wanted Tristan to watch the marathon with me, of course.

During UW Husky season this fall, I would try to guess which fans were still students, and fantasize about what they were doing after the game – is there some sort of mixer? Do you have a cute little final you’re stressed out about? YOUR LIFE IS SO EASY. I miss those days (in that moment, I did, anyway).

Now a few months later, I’ve decided sacrifice my grown-up, candle-centric muted Parisian Christmas decor palette and add some fun red! Just last year, I swore off red forever, or something dramatic like that. Here’s what my last year’s decor looked like (sorry, a bit blurry):

Old Decor 2

Old Decor 3

Old Decor 4

Old Decor 5

Old Decor 6

Old Decor 7

Old Decor

As I type this, an episode of Sex and The City is on, and Samantha just goes, “Women with candles have replaced women with cats.” HA! That was me. But I still have a candle addiction so I don’t think it was just single person behavior. Anyways. Back to RED.

I’m thinking that the best way to integrate a new color without breaking the bank (a real possibility) is to do red Christmas pillows, add a few (red) candles, replace some of the wall art with some DIY red art, and make a red word sign for the tree – you know, those ones that say Tis The Season or something jolly.

Won’t you join me as I perk up our apartment with some RED this Christmas?



Three Day Weekend

Ahhh, the life-breather that is the three day weekend. After a fantastic Husky win, church and meeting up with friends last night, we wore ourselves out and have been lounging around in bed all day. Like, as I type this, I am in bed and it’s noon. But whatevs! We don’t work today.

Gal Meets Glam / Miss KL Blog / Unknown

cluster 2 cluster 2 - 2cluster 2 - 3

Sunday in Bed / Fashion-Isha / Brighton The Day

Sunday in bed!!!! Coffee & newspaper!!!!! Raised headboard, classically simple pillows -  ready for breakfast in bed + coffee and mags and @Eberjey Intimates Intimates in bed +

We decided to do breakfast in bed, which means we needed to get out of bed to make it. Kind of defeats the purpose, no? I didn’t have any fresh flowers on hand for the tray – does anyone our age? – and I’m completely fine with it.

photo 1photo 2 (2) photo 4 (2)

And my all time fave “snuggly looks” from movies:

Carrie Bradshaw; Sex and the City / Millinery Atelier:

Audrey Hepburn; Breakfast at Tiffany’s / Twenties Project: