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Mother Daughter Matching

As Tristan and I celebrated our moms last weekend, I got to thinking of a practice embraced by some daughters and shunned by others. Or, both embraced and shunned by the same daughter, depending on life phase and hormone levels. The practice? Mother-daughter matching outfits.

I didn’t grow up with sisters and was never forced to match, so perhaps I’ve had an unmet yearning all these years. Sometimes I try to “coordinate” with Tristan, but it almost never gets approved. But sometimes, when my mom’s and my styles collide, we get matching blazers. Here’s some matching Classiques Entier tweed blazers we picked up several years ago and wore on Mother’s Day that year:


Now that I’m entering the phase of life in which people get pregnant by choice,  it got me also thinking about about the prospect of matching clothes with my future daughter.

It could be literal, matching to a T:

Literal 1

Vintage matching

Literal 2

Literal 3

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

Or more of a “coordination” of colors/patterns:

Polka Dot Pants

1, 2

Paired with Mom 1




And I think we all know what the natural next step is:

Fringe Look

1, 2, 3


1, 2

Add a matching American Girl Doll outfit. Duhs.

Which, if I’m being reflective, is probably how I got obsessed with matching in the first place. Who wouldn’t want to match after being engrossed in American Girl Doll catalogs for 12 years?


Cape outfit

1, 2

However, when matching, it’s crucial that the outfits are not ugly. Especially since those around you have to see it twice:

What Not To Do 2

What Not To Do

1, 2

Now, if I don’t end up having a daughter, I have found one inspiring mother/son matching outfit image; however I’m very certain Tristan would intervene, and/or the son would kill me later. But look how cute!!

Mother Son


Anyway, though it’s a few days past the official Mother’s Day, it’s never too late to show appreciation to all the moms out there, who are probably reading this post thinking, “She will absolutely NOT have time to match outfits with her kid once she actually has one and knows what it’s like!” Perhaps. Don’t ruin this for me!

Happy Mother’s… week.