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Country Concert – Outfit Reveal!

So … as a refresher, Tristan and I attended a major country concert last month and crossed a huge item off Tristan’s bucket list. We had a great time and I actually knew half the songs, despite being rather new to Garth Brooks. (Apparently when you’re a legend, your songs creep their way into people’s life whether they seek it out or not). I was excited because I knew Garth would be a great entertainer, regardless if I actually knew the songs.


I was also excited to have an excuse to plan a themed outfit. Here is the inspiration outfit I put together.

What to Wear to a Country Concert final

And here is how it came out!


YEEHAW, my first animated GIF!


Tristan held it down in some flannel.


Anyway… you get it. That’s enough pictures of me. 🙂 What do you think?  What do you usually wear to country concerts?



What To Wear To A Country Concert

…If you’re a huge poser like me.

One of Tristan’s life dreams is to go to a Garth Brooks concert and in just two short weeks, that dream will come true! I’m not a huge country fan, though I can get excited about country if there’s a concert or road trip involved. When in Rome, as they say.

Given my obsession with theme dressing, I took to Google and Pinterest to find outfit ideas. The requirements were that it couldn’t be too country and also couldn’t be super bare, since it’s not summer. The latter was the major challenge – most of the outfits were definitely for summer concerts. Like this cute round-up, for instance.

I found a few inspiring looks on Pinterest before hitting the jackpot: Free People’s blog. More Western, less cowboy.

Country Closet 1 Country Closet 2 Country Closet 3 Country Closet 4 Country Closet 5 Country Closet 6 Country Closet 8 Country Closet 9 Country Closet 10 Country Closet 10

I found this look on Pinterest:


I also referred to Facebook to check out my friend Cassie’s concert outfits. Cassie Correlle is a country artist and has been singing/songwriting since I met her in high school. She’s got some darling outfits that aren’t too country or too bare.

FB_IMG_1426229417493 (2) FB_IMG_1426229542296 FB_IMG_1426229598624 (2)

My research culminated in this outfit, for which I have secured all of the pieces. I purchased similar shorts and the kimono at Ross, I bought the boots last year at Buffalo Exchange, and the belt I found on Etsy. I have burgundy and gold dangly earrings (but aren’t the little tassels perfection!?). I will be wearing nude tights to help with warmth. What do you think?!

What to Wear to a Country Concert final

Earrings // Shorts // Shirt // Kimono (similar here) // Belt (vintage) // Boots