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Casual Friday to Saturday Funday

If you’re like me, at least half of the fun of a weekend getaway is the anticipation – AKA figuring out what to pack to have THE perfect outfit each day. Eight pairs of shoes and several head-to-toe looks does not the perfect pack job make (though in retrospect, it doesn’t hurt to bring rainboots!). “THE” ideal weekend wardrobe consists of pieces that are stylish (duh), comfortable and versatile, in as small of bag as humanly possible.

A huge part of minimizing my cargo this weekend was to figure out a casual Friday outfit for work that I’d also be excited to wear on Saturday in Portland. I figured leather pants would do the trick – leather pants always feel fun and special. Here is the look I was going for:

Casual Friday to Saturday Funday!Pants / Flats / Sweatshirt / Denim Shirt / Pearl Earrings / Necklace / Tote

And here is how it turned out:



Of course, given the universal law of irony, the weekend I pre-plan to wear the same shirt more than once, I spill on it FOUR TIMES on the very first day. I am such a toddler sometimes! UG.

I wore my [dirty] sweatshirt to lounge in throughout the weekend, and threw on a red tweed leather trim blazer (can you picture it? it’s not online) over the denim button up on Saturday to meet my fabulous friend Meredith of Martha Chartreuse – more on that rendezvous later this week!

I’m always on the hunt for transitional outfits … what are your favorite clothing items to pack?