Links of the Last Few Weeks

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Welp, our internet has been down all week, which means that my Pinterfast has been easier than ever (yay!) but that I wasn’t able to watch Downton Abbey online last night (waaah!). Also, blogging is rather difficult without the internet, so it’s been a quiet week on

I never really set out to post my favorite links each and every Friday, though that seems to be a huge blogger trend. Instead I just post links when I have enough material. Thus, here are my fave links from the last few weeks:

  1. First of all, GO SEAHAWKS! How cute is Julia of Society Grl in this XS men’s letterman jacket sporting her Seahawks pride? Given how frigid it is during football season in Seattle (and in NJ for the Superbowl!), this type of coat might be a worthwhile investment :). Available here ($139).
  2. I’ve found the next iteration of the “cutest home tour ever” since this one back in October. Kourtney Kardashian… who would’ve thought!? Tour here. LOVING. #love.
  3. No one would accuse me of being outdoorsy and/or into winter sports – I think we’ve talked about this – but I looooooove this coat. Makes me want to actually – gasp! – be active. But at $1,748 a pop, I think I’m safe.
  4. It’s been like 12 years since I’ve posted a DIY manicure (I have two in the hopper), and these ideas from Daily Candy are totally inspiring me.
  5. Fallen into a rut with your winter wardrobe? Here are two ideas for you: West Coast (i.e., not snowy) and East Coast from Classy in the City.
  6. Food trend alert for 2014: Low Tea. As the article states, you can blame Downton Abbey for this one. It got me thinking about having Low Tea in my own home, but instead of tea, serve wine. Perhaps instead of a salad, I could serve an appetizer course of cheese and vegetables (tapas style) and we could eat smaller dinners consisting mainly of the protein. Eating an appetizer followed by a smaller dinner portion would help with metabolism, and a glass of wine at 5 p.m. would help me maintain a pleasant disposition as I cook the main course. Win win! What do you think?!

Have a happy Monday!



Wine Tasting for Dummies


(She likely is not a wine tasting dummy.)

During the International Food Blogger Conference I attended a few weeks ago, Bordeaux Wines hosted a Wine & Writing seminar that I found quite refreshing.

Working regularly with Wine & Spirits clients, I know enough to be thoroughly confused most of the time. I was so pleased to learn an easy way to “talk the talk” when wine tasting…finally!

It stems off of “F.E.W.” – Fruit, Earth, Wood. When you do a traditional tasting, you start by looking at the color of the wine, smelling the aroma of the wine, then actually tasting the wine. You can describe all three of these steps in terms of fruit, earth, or wood. And there’s really no wrong answer – everyone’s senses are different.


Here are some fruit-y words from Cork Buzz:

  • Citrus – Lime, orange
  • Berry – Strawberry, cherry, raspberry
  • Melon – Cantaloupe, watermelon
  • Stone Fruit – Peaches, apricot
  • Orchard Fruit – Apple, pear
  • Tropical Fruit – Pineapple, mango

Earth-y words

  • Grassy, moss
  • Herbs such as cilantro, pepper
  • Clay, mud
  • Stone
  • Mushroom

Wood-y words

  • Oak
  • Floral
  • Nutty
  • Musk
  • Vanilla
  • Caramel

For instance:

  • “This wine looks very berry – really a rich red color.”
  • “This wine sort of smells like wet rock.”
  • “This wine tastes like citrus and grass!”

…All phrases that came out of my mouth during this tasting! It was so easy when I wasn’t worried about tannins, terrior, dripping , varietals, jamminess, etc. I did not leave the session a wine whiz, but I wasn’t full of sh!t for once. 🙂

If this is all very intimidating, you have an alternative:





Am I the last to hear about Stack Wines? This would’ve been great to know about during festival season. Basically, you get an entire bottle of wine packaged in four stemless (plastic) wine glasses, stacked on end. With a few simple zip and snap maneuvers, you are ready to sip your own single-serving of wine. Perfect for beach, park, errands on foot, etc.

In their promotional video, they obviously want their viewers to think, “Look how much fun the people in the video are having! I too can classy-ly day drink, thanks to Stack Wines!” I myself had those very thoughts, noting the actresses’ cute outfits and gourmet food pairings throughout. Well played, Stack!

I like all of the activities shown in the video, and I like wine. In my mid/late twenties, I’m totally their target market – not too far off from the days of sneaking beer and liquor into public settings, but extremely grateful to have migrated more into the wine/microbrew/craft cocktail phase of life (1-2 at a time, in bed by 11.) Going wine tasting is the new Sunday funday.

I am only vaguely concerned about its taste. I mean, I’m sure it’s fine. While I do work with high-end wineries and premier wine auctions as a part of my job, I like to stay balanced by stocking my wine cabinet exclusively with $4 Trader Joe’s selections. When I met Tristan, my classiness level raised immensely when he got me into purchasing wine at Costco – you can almost always find selections that scored at 90 points or above for $10 or less. Fun fact!

…Back to Stack. Of the two varieties tasted on air (there are four flavors total), Hoda and Kathy Lee said that they tasted great, and that’s good enough for me. At $12.99 for four single servings, that’s only $3 more than my personal average, and the convenience factor really appeals to me. If anyone tries it before I do, PLEASE report back! You can order them here:

Speaking of booze commercials, does anyone remember that painful Smirnoff Ice “…And We Were There” commercial clearly geared towards highschoolers? That was the WORST! I couldn’t find it on YouTube; I bet their advertising dept. has buried it in shame. Anyway. Stack’s commercial is, I think, what they were going for.